Where and when CFS screens

The Camberwell Film Society Inc. meets on the third Wednesday of each month from February to November (second Wednesday in December).

Screening starts promptly at 7.30pm in our venue:

Old Library, 25 Inglesby Road, Camberwell.


$50 single • $95 double • Mini Pass (3 screenings) $15.

Subscription includes supper before the programme.

Entry to our screenings is by membership card or guest ticket.

Members must be 18 years or over.

At CFS screenings members share the viewing experience with fellow film enthusiasts, enjoying a wide range of films from local and overseas sources. Screenings are a social occasion and members are encouraged to take part in discussions and enjoy supper after the film.

Through the grateful assistance received in the form of a Government Volunteers Grant we can now screen all our our films in high definition digital using the latest in video projection.


Joining a film society is often the first step towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex art of the cinema.

Film is young compared to other art forms. Music, literature, painting and other visual arts have concert halls, libraries and galleries where the past is kept alive and enjoyed by the public.

In our culture, the local film society offers access to the masterworks of present and past.

CFS is a member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies which promotes and co-ordinates the work of film groups and film festivals throughout Victoria.

CFS is one of the longest running and most successful film societies operating in our State.